Video: Seattle Pride Participants March Nude In Front Of Children In Effort To Indoctrinate And Groom Them Into Their ‘LGBTQ Cult’

LGBTQ supporters have no boundaries when it comes to what they say and do in front of children

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(PM.) The streets of Seattle were taken over by the city’s first Gay Pride parade in three years on Sunday, with some parade participants appearing fully nude in front of children.

The parade kicked off around 11 am with members of the Boys and Girls Scouts of America, who marched in uniformed fashion while proudly holding both American and Pride flags.


While the Girl Scouts have remained a group for girls, the Boy Scouts changed their name in 2019 to “Scouts BSA,” and allowed girls to enter their program, according to NPR.
Following shortly behind the Scouts, a large group of naked cyclists circled in front of the crowd and exposed their genitalia to children who came for the “family friendly” event. Some were partially covered in body paint, while others decided to leave nothing to the eye unseen.



Seattle’s Pride Parade is the first held in person since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, and according to its website, featured over 500,000 parade attendees, and 200 participating groups.
One group seen at the parade was the Seattle Fire Department, though Seattle Police were absent, after parade managers banned them from participating in uniform.
“(Police officers) need to recognize the privilege that they hold,” Krystal Marx, executive director of Seattle Pride, told Kiro 7. “They get to take off their uniform every day, (whereas) we don’t get to take off our queerness.”


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