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Video: Trump Delivers Speech To Massive Crowd In Alaska, ‘I Ran Twice, I Won Twice’

( President Trump’s massive Anchorage, Alaska Rally is full of pride, cheers, and roaring applause as he touts his legendary achievements

On Saturday night, President Trump took the stage to a massive, applauding crowd in Anchorage, Alaska.


At the time of him walking on stage, the RSBN Rumble stream had 200,000 concurrent viewers, making it one of the most televised Trump rallies in history.

He began his speech by touting his administration’s many accomplishments, from energy independence to the economy and the Supreme Court, while also pointing out Biden’s many failures from Afghanistan and gas prices.

President Trump emphasizes the violent crime brought on by the chaos at the border and the Democrat policies which have greatly increased the violence across the country since Biden took office.


President Trump also speaks of his success in Alaska, stating that he “ran twice” and “won twice,” doing “much better the second time than [he] did the first.”


President Trump also lobs criticism on the RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski, who supports Joe Biden, amnesty for illegal aliens, and late-term abortion.


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