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While Woke Coca-Cola Trashes Whites In The Name Of ‘Diversity’, They Are Reported To Use Slave Labor To Source Ingredients



Coca-Cola may have gone “Woka-Cola,” according to a consumer group — but that doesn’t mean they’ve abandoned slave labor.

In a new commercial released on Thursday, Consumers’ Research called out the soda giant for a whole range of things, including the fact their product contributes to diabetes. However, the group made plenty of hay off of the dichotomy between the company’s political posturing and the realities of how it conducts its business.

“Today, we are launching and the accompanying ads as a satirical reminder to Coke to focus on their consumers, not woke politicians,” said Will Hild, the executive director of Consumers’ Research, in a statement to Fox Business.
“The company has taken its eye off the well-being of the customer,” he said.

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