Women’s March Attacks Feminists, Want’s To Change Meaning To Include Biological Males

The group is also supported a pedophile who heckled a rape survivor


(Reduxx) On of the largest women’s rights activist organizations in the United States has come under fire for a series of social media posts attacking feminists who advocate for single sex spaces. But as the backlash has continued to swell, many are pointing to the group’s history of platforming dangerous males.

On July 20, the official Women’s March Twitter account sparked widespread discussion after posting a series of tweets attacking “TERFs” and asserting that males could become women.


Women’s March rose from an international protest held on January 21, 2017 – the day after U.S. former president Donald Trump was elected. It was the largest single-day protest in U.S. history, and prompted demonstrations of support all over the world.

Responding to the statement made by the Women’s March, many commenters expressed disappointment, which they saw as belittling those who disagree with the view that males can identify into womanhood.

But the organization doubled down on the taunts, referring to their critics as ‘transphobes’ and demanding that discussions surrounding reproductive rights omit the word ‘woman’ and instead utilize the phrase ‘people who can give birth.’


But while many are only just becoming aware of the organization’s positions which appear to place males ahead of the needs of women, Women’s March has a lengthy history of doing so.

On January 22, 2017, Women’s March invited Cherno Biko, co-founder of the organization Black Trans Lives Matter, to be a keynote speaker for their main march. Just one year prior in July of 2016, Biko had penned a lurid admission to having sexually assaulted a transgender female. Biko quickly deleted the post, but the Medium post was archived by concerned readers.

In the post, Biko wrote that the purpose of the assault had been to impregnate the woman with “non-binary babies” in an attempt to create a “holy trinity” family.

“I found the second piece to the holy trinity I wanted to create, complete with a black trans man and our black non-binary baby… The first time we had sex I can barely remember, as it followed a night of drinking and smoking but I know that we broke two of the most important rules… consent and safe sex. When [she] told me that [she] felt used and violated, I immediately apologized.”

Throughout the admission, Biko attempted to garner sympathy from the readers: “The next morning I called my mother in tears and asked, ‘What happens when the victim turns into the abuser?’”

Just months before the admission, Biko had given a speech at the White House for Trans Day Of Visibility, and attended The United State of Women, hosted by President Obama, and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Disturbingly, Biko is not the only case of Women’s March platforming a reportedly dangerous male.

In 2018, the official Women’s March Twitter account shared an article written by Andi Dier, a trans-identified male, after he heckled actress Rose McGowan during a book launch event in New York. McGowan, a leading Me Too campaigner, was promoting her memoir Brave, in which she details having been raped by now-disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

As Rose was sharing a story with the audience regarding her grief and recovery from assault, Dier began screaming at her from the crowd, shouting: “We get raped more often. We go through domestic violence more often. Trans women are in men’s prisons, and what have you done for them?”

Despite derailing the testimony of a female survivor of sexual assault, Dier was provided widespread sympathetic media coverage after McGowan was deemed “transphobic” for having asserted that females experienced a unique oppression on the basis of their sex.


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