Arizona And Oklahoma Approve Bills To Protect Biological Males From Competing, Ruining Women’s Sports

“Women are women, and they have the right to compete against other women, and have the same opportunities as men to advance in the athletic endeavors”

Credit: The Post Millennial


Both Arizona and Oklahoma state legislatures on Thursday approved “Save Women’s Sports” bills and have sent it to the desks of their respective governors for final decisions.

The underlying motivation at play in each of these cases stems from the recent win of the NCAA by controversial athlete Lia Thomas, a biological male who identifies as transgender and competes on the women’s swim team.


The Arizona House voted to approve a ban on biological males from being able to compete on female sports teams, and approved a ban on gender-reassignment surgery for minors.
The Associated Press said it was unclear whether or not Arizona Governor Ducey would sign the “Save Women’s Sports Act” bill (SB 1165), pointing to how the governors of Indiana and Utah vetoed such measures when reaching their desks.

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