Brainwashed: NYC’s Chief Medical Officer Apologizes To Black, Hispanic ‘Birthing People’ For Calling Them ‘Mothers’

Dr. Michelle Morse has completely bought into the lefts woke ‘language’ ideology

Credit: The Post Millennial


Dr. Michelle Morse, the chief medical officer at New York City’s Department of Health, has received sharp criticism for describing pregnant women differently along lines of race, choosing to call pregnant white women “birthing people” while referencing pregnant women of color as “mothers” in a late March tweet.

Since the city’s top doctor’s March 23 tweet, a DOH spokesman called Morse’s post an “oversight” and said “we apologize for inadvertently gendering Black and Puerto Rican birthing people,” according to the New York Post.
Morse had been sharing a number of tweets in which she advocated for increased allocation of goods and services to women of color. A disproportionate number of them, Morse argued, had died either during or shortly after childbirth.
Specifically, she pointed out that black and Puerto Rican mothers were suffering fatalities in birthing at a rate much higher than that of white women. To fix that, Morse suggested on Twitter increasing access to available doulas, a kind of specialized midwife, and other services to minority communities.

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