Court Rules Liberal Democrat Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey Failed To Protect City With Enough Police

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

(PJ Media) The Minnesota Supreme Court has ordered kneeling Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and his band of defundanistas to hire more cops as required under the city’s charter or show why they can’t.

It appears that virtue-signaling finally exacts a cost to the virtue-signalers.


Fox 9 News reports that the state’s highest court sided with eight Minneapolis residents who sued the mayor and council members for dumping police officers well below the rate at which the city charter promised. The citizens argued that there are only 621 officers on duty after the 2020 defunding blitz and riots following the death of George Floyd.

Minneapolis was riven by unrest, looting, rioting, and the torching of a police precinct following the death of George Floyd.

Fox News reports that, according to the lawsuit, residents sued Frey and city officials “for not fulfilling their obligation to fund and employ 0.0017 sworn police officers per Minneapolis resident.”

“Based on the 2020 census, at least 731 officers should be on the force based on the city’s population,” the Fox News report continues.

Minneapolis shed 300 police officers following defunding efforts by the obsequious Frey who tried and failed to win the approval of Black Lives Matter protesters and rioters even though they torched and looted downtown.

Like Portland, Ore., and Seattle, riot-torn cities that also knelt to Black Lives Matter’s demands to defund their police departments, police officers have left in droves rather than serving as props in the city’s woke theatrics.

Like those cities, Minneapolis has seen a violent crime explosion that’s “really out of control,” leaving residents vulnerable and unable to defend themselves against a wave of criminals responsible for a “record 135 homicides last year.”

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