18 Republicans Sell Out, Side With Democrats On Radical ‘Infrastructure’ Plan Without Reading Bill

Democrats are happy while Republicans should probably remember the names

Credit: Breitbart


Eighteen Senate Republicans sold out to Senate Democrats, with 17 of them voting Wednesday night to advance a $1.2 trillion Democrat “infrastructure” bill and another signaling he would.

The Senate voted to invoke cloture, or advance, H.R. 3684, the legislative vehicle for the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. The vote featured Republican and Democrat support for the bill. The Senate voted 67-32 to invoke cloture on the bill, with seventeen Republicans in favor of invoking cloture on the bill.

All of them voted for this procedural vote without reading the bill—because it would have been impossible for them to read a bill that does not yet exist. The bill has still not been written despite months of negotiations.

The Senate Republicans who voted for the Democrat $1.2 trillion bill include:

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