Biden, Bipartisan Group Of Senators Agree On $979 Billion Infrastructure Bill

Credit: Kevin Lamarque | Reuters


President Joe Biden declared Thursday that the White House has struck an infrastructure deal with a bipartisan group of senators after discussing the massive plan to improve the nation’s roads, bridges and broadband earlier in the day.

“To answer the direct question: We have a deal,” Biden said at the White House.

The president, flanked by senators including Mitt Romney, R-Utah, and Mark Warner, D-Va., added that he would honor the latest policy framework that focuses on “hard” infrastructure.

“They have my word. I’ll stick with what we’ve proposed, and they’ve given me their word as well,” he said. “None of us got all that we wanted. I didn’t get all that I wanted. But this reminds me of the days we used to get an awful lot done up in the United States Congress.”

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