Biden Judicial Commission Disappoints Progressives, Refuses To Endorse Supreme Court Packing, Term Limits

Progressives claim reforms are needed to reverse Court’s rightward tilt


President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court commission dashed progressive hopes Monday when it refused to endorse court packing or term limits for justices.

The commission’s final report acknowledges “profound” disagreements over what direction the Court should take in the future but makes no specific recommendations. The commission will vote to adopt the report and send it to Biden during its last scheduled meeting on Tuesday.


The fissure of the court packing push could be especially bitter for the far left given the content of the Court’s docket this term. The justices signaled last week that they may overturn Roe v. Wade this summer. And gun-rights advocates are hopeful that the Court will expand concealed carry rights in a Second Amendment case it heard in November.


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