Biden Now Blames Republicans For High Gas Prices After Separately Blaming Russia, U.S. Oil Companies And Small Gas Station Owners

All Biden needs to do is look into the mirror to find the real blame

REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

(Daily Caller) President Joe Biden blamed Republicans for soaring gas prices in a Sunday tweet, moving on from the “Putin-price hike” shtick.

Biden attempted to shift blame onto Republicans as a way to drive up support amongst voters for the November midterms.


“Republicans are doing nothing but obstructing our efforts to crack down on gas-price gouging, lower food prices, lower healthcare costs, and hopefully, soon, lower your prescription drug costs,” Biden tweeted. “This is not right. And that’s why this election is going to be so darn important.”


The Biden Administration has consistently blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for the rise in gas prices, warning seven major U.S. oil companies in a recent letter they would face a new tax on energy if they do not boost domestic output. In the letter, Biden said Putin is “principally responsible” for the “financial pain” Americans are facing at the pump.

But Biden’s initial accusations against Putin, and the continuously shifting blame game thereafter, ring hollow as gas prices were on the rise well before Russia invaded Ukraine.




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