Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki Going From One Sinking Ship To Another In Move To MSNBC

As someone pointed out, Psaki will take her lying from the White House to MSNBC



White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is reportedly expected to leave her position this spring and head to MSNBC, to appear on air and on NBC’s streaming platform. Just a few months ago, Psaki said “cable news is dying” and hailed streaming news services as “the future.”

On the Feb. 18 episode of Literally! With Rob Lowe, Lowe said, “The minute the news media became ratings driven, emotion and conflict drive story, story drives ratings, so that squeezes out rational discourse and everybody now gets the news that they want to get.”

“Yeah,” said Psaki. “You know, I think there’s such an interesting — so I’m going to give you an optimistic view on this right now, which is — cable news is dying, right? The ratings are dwindling, right? And there’s dwindling readership as well of a lot of national newspapers.”

Psaki expressed her hope that streaming news platforms will be “a form for creating a range of content that is informative” rather than driven by ratings and “Democrats and Republicans yelling at each other on a set.”

She continued:


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