Complete Disarray: Liberal CNN Disputes White House Statement That Kabul Airport Is Secure – It’s Chaotic And ‘Definitely Dangerous’

CNN reporter calls it chaotic and ‘definitely dangerous’

Credit: MARCUS YAM / LOS ANGELES TIMES via Getty Images


CNN reporter Clarissa Ward, who has been covering the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan from outside the relative safety of Kabul airport’s military sector, called the situation Wednesday “mayhem” and “nuts,” despite White House assurances that the airport is secure and evacuations are proceeding.

The White House said Wednesday that the United States military is in full control of Kabul airport and that flights are up and running, with a plan to evacuate as many American citizens and Afghan nationals with visas as possible before the U.S. withdrawals completely at the end of August.

But the situation outside the Kabul airport gates appears to be very different from the scenes inside, according to CNN’s Ward — and it is more in line with State Department statements made Tuesday afternoon that the U.S. government could not guarantee the safety of Americans traveling to Kabul’s airport, and statements made by Biden administration officials indicating that there are no official plans to rescue Americans located outside of Kabul.

“It’s definitely chaotic,” Ward told CNN’s Brianne Keilar in a morning report from Kabul. “It’s definitely dangerous.”

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