Confirmed: CIA Orchestrating Ukraine’s War Against Russia

Biden’s hate for Putin, irrational moves could lead to an escalation in the war


(NewsTarget) A report published earlier this week provides fresh evidence that the U.S. Deep State is heavily invested in Ukraine and is going all-out to prevent the country from falling into Russian hands.

Readers likely recall that despite the fact that the U.S. and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) knew months in advance that Russia was building up its forces around Ukraine in preparation for an invasion, Washington and Brussels appeared to do little to shore up Kyiv’s defenses. Once Russia sent its forces into Ukraine on Feb. 24, most outside observers figured that the Red Army would make quick work of the lesser-armed and overmatched Ukrainian army.


But shortly thereafter, out of nowhere, the Biden regime moved quickly to provide Ukraine with lethal aid even after the same people criticized then-President Donald Trump for doing the same thing during his administration. This, of course, after tens of millions of Americans learned that the Obama regime meddled in Ukraine in 2014, causing a coup, and Hunter Biden scored lucrative business deals in the corrupt country, much of which he was forced to share with his dad.

And since then, the globalists in Congress have gotten on board as well, approving billions in weapons aid and money to what was one of the most corrupt countries in all of Europe.

Now we learn that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been heavily involved in Ukraine as well, likely running operations there like the Cold War never ended.

The New York Times has now confirmed what many have suspected for some time.

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