Continued Coverup? AG Merrick Garland Grilled In Testimony About President Biden’s Business Dealings With Son Hunter



Sen. Bill Hagerty on Tuesday pressed Attorney General Merrick Garland about the appearance that President Biden “was involved with” his son Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings.

“Do you have any reason to dispute the evidence that indicates that President Biden was involved with and using money from Hunter Biden’s business deals?” Hagerty (R-Tenn.) asked Garland at a Senate subcommittee hearing.


Hagerty cited The Post’s recent reporting about Hunter Biden business partner Eric Schwerin visiting the White House and vice president’s residence at least 19 times while Joe Biden was vice president and prior reports on the first son’s financial role in the family.

Garland declined to divulge details and separately insisted to both Hagerty and Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.) that a special counsel wasn’t needed because an investigation of the first son by the US attorney’s office in Delaware would continue without political interference.

Schwerin’s visits to meet with Joe Biden or his staff cast further doubt on the president’s claim to be uninvolved with his son’s business pursuits in countries where he held sway. Previous reporting showed that Hunter Biden introduced his dad to business associates from China, Mexico, Russia and Ukraine — including at the vice president’s residence in Washington.


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