House Republicans Introduce Legislation To Reinstate Servicemen Discharged Over COVID Vaccine Mandate, Protect Others From Similar Fate

Credit: DOD


In the latest shot against the bow of the Biden administration, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives unveiled legislation this week to ensure soldiers can continue to serve after refusing a COVID-19 vaccine.

“No Federal funds may be used to require a member of the Armed Forces to receive a vaccination against COVID-19,” reads the Service Restoration Act, sponsored by Republican U.S. Rep. Chip Roy of Texas. “The Secretary concerned may not take any adverse action against a member of the Armed Forces solely on the basis that such member refuses to receive a vaccination against COVID-19.”


The bill also calls for any soldier previously discharged for COVID vaccine refusal to be reinstated “ in the grade held by such covered individual immediately before the involuntary separation of the covered individual,” with any lost pay restored as well as expungement of their service records.



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