Last Laugh: GOP Senator Roger Marshall Proposes The ‘FAUCI’ Act, After Fauci Caught On Hot Mic Calling Senator A ‘Moron’

The two clashed over public financial disclosures

Credit: NY Post


Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) is hoping a hot-mic moment with Dr. Anthony Fauci earlier this week leads to a groundswell of support for his bill that would force the publication of White House officials’ financial records.

The bill, formally titled the Financial Accountability for Uniquely Compensated Individuals (FAUCI) Act, would also require the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) to publish a list of government officials whose financial disclosures are not publicly available, according to multiple outlets.


Marshall clashed with the White House chief medical adviser during a Senate hearing Tuesday after the senator asked Fauci: “Would you be willing to submit to Congress and the public a financial disclosure that includes your past and current investments?”

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