State Of The Union: Biden Talks Ukraine, COVID, Economy And The Push For More Government Spending

Much of Biden’s speech was about the many, many ways in which he and his administration would like to expand the reach of the federal government and increase spending


President Joe Biden addressed a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night to give the annual State of the Union address. The national atmosphere in the lead up to the speech was one filled with difficulty for the president, as war in Ukraine, high energy prices, and increasing frustration with pandemic policies face the United States.

In the lead up to the speech, speculation swirled as to what would be Biden’s focus, but the one thing that pervaded the anticipation across partisan lines was a sense of uncertainty as to what the future holds, and how Biden will manage at the helm when his leadership has shown so much weakness.

The cheers and hollers were uproarious from the Democrat side of aisle. Biden spoke of his intentions toward unity, and the “unwavering resolve that freedom will always triumph over tyranny.”


Biden said that Putin “sought to shake the very foundations of the free world,” but that Putin had “badly miscalculated,” and that he was “met with a wall of strength he could never have anticipated or imagined,” and that this was “the Ukrainian people.” Biden said the Ukrainian efforts to prevent Russia from taking over their nation “inspired the world.” He quoted Ukrainian President Zelensky, who said “light will win over darkness” in a speech to the European Parliament.

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