A Good Riddance To White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki And Her Condescending Attitude

New York Post


So long, Jen Psaki! As White House press secretary, you were indeed very informative: Every day you provided an example of how today’s Democratic Party turns normie soccer moms from Greenwich into reality-denying attack machines sputtering insults and cheering on lawbreakers because they can’t face up to the unpopularity of the far-left agenda.

As blathering Joe Biden retreated into the background and suggested to the world that America was in the hands of a man who should be shuffling around Sunset Acres in a bathrobe, Psaki became the face of an administration that is determined to head into the midterms like Thelma and Louise. “We’ll show those bastards! Let’s drive off a cliff!” is the animating principle of the Democratic Party. Do polls say that American voters think the Democrats are doing everything wrong? Then “Pedal to the metal, Louise!”


Ordinarily, White House press secretaries try not to look like they’re getting so rattled by rude questions that they stoop to insulting the reporters, but Psaki said Fox News’ Peter Doocy sounds like a “stupid son of a bitch” in the course of throwing in an absurd and evidence-free suggestion that Doocy is a ventriloquist’s dummy for higher-ups.

“We must end this uncivil war that pits red against blue,” her boss famously intoned at his inauguration, but the Return to Civility (™) went out the window the minute Psaki discovered the existence of exactly one White House reporter asking questions more challenging than, “Why are you guys so awesome?”


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