Blacks Have Been Abused By Biden With The Lack Of Prosperity, Safety, And Security – But Are They Bright Enough To Understand What They Had Under Trump?

In addition, Biden repeatedly demeans blacks while son Hunter has a history of using N-word

Black Americans voted overwhelmingly for Biden in the last presidential election, but aren’t seeing a reward in return. - Getty Images


The 2020 political cycle was arguably the most divisive in American history. Friends and family withdrew to partisan corners, and decades-long relationships ended. I experienced this myself, as people I knew for years suddenly treated me as a pariah simply for being conservative.

One of my best friends with whom I traveled the world raised money for Joe Biden. We remained close friends when he worked for the Obama administration, but something was different this past election. He ended our friendship over the politics of the moment.

How could this happen? One culprit is the political class, which poisoned our politics. Fostering racial tensions was one of their most potent weapons.

Indeed, the pundits would say if you supported President Donald Trump — or any Republican, for that matter — then you couldn’t support the black community. In fact, you were deemed an enemy of the black race. That was the line drawn in the sand for Americans, especially African Americans, who voted last year.

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