By Leftists Own Definition, Vaccine Passports Are RACIST

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“Unvaxxed are the new blacks,” opined one writer. This is ironic, too, because a disproportionate percentage of America’s unvaccinated are black. This means that under the logic of the Left and its “disparate impact” theory, the vaccine passports it’s currently pushing are racist.

In fact, one acting black mayor likens them to slave papers.

American Thinker’s Drew Allen reports on the story, writing that the “unvaxxed are the new blacks. As a matter of fact, many of the unvaxxed also happen to be blacks. The Kansas City mayor, Quinton Lucas, recently admitted as much in an interview with Face the Nation on CBS. Lucas, a black man, said, “Young men of color is a place where we have incredible weakness right now.”

Commentator Andrea Widburg buttresses the point with a series of headlines:

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