Corey Lewandowski: Here’s The Reason Trump Should Wait To Announce His 2024 Reelection Campaign

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(Daily Caller) There is no doubt that Donald J. Trump is the leader of the Republican party. There is also indisputable evidence that his endorsement in a GOP primary is the single biggest factor when voters go to the polls to decide who they want as their nominee. By most counts, President Trump has endorsed slightly north of 200 candidates and more than 190 of those won.

Many of the districts President Trump has endorsed in are currently held by Democrats. With inflation at record levels, President Joe Biden is making mistake after mistake and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is raising vast sums of money. Many of these districts are “in-play” for a GOP pick up.


This political climate has given the NRCC the ability to compete in races, either because of redistricting or the strength of the candidate, where Democrats have as much as a plus seven advantage. These races are difficult to win even in the best of years.

I think President Trump should wait to announce any potential campaign until after the mid-terms because he will become the central focus in these seats. The media will be asking every candidate if they support everything President Trump says or has ever done.

These candidates should be talking about themselves.

We all know the media doesn’t hold Democrats to the same standards. They don’t ask Democrat candidates running for office if they support Joe Biden’s failing policies for America… But, hey those are the cards we are dealt.

Let’s keep the mid-term elections focused on electing America First candidates. Those that want to come to Washington, D.C., and hold Biden and his out-of-control administration accountable.

Let’s give them an opportunity to tell the voters of their districts what they believe in and stand for. We all know that Trump is the most popular Republican in the country and has the ability to make or break a candidate with his endorsement.

With most (but not all) of the primaries over, it’s time to let these GOP nominees stand on their own and articulate why they will be good stewards of our taxpayer money.


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