David Marcus: Joe Biden Responsible For Setting Middle East On Fire

So now, after having already showered Hamas with cash before the attacks, Joe Biden will reward the violence with more bags of money.

Credit: The Post Millennial


There is one indisputable fact that must be recognized as we parse the recent violent crisis in the Middle East. After four years of relative peace and calm between Israel and the Palestinians under Donald Trump’s leadership, the region has been set ablaze after just four months of Joe Biden’s.

Democrats claim that the current resident of the White House is blameless in this, that he inherited the mess. But it is absolutely clear that his actions since January have emboldened terrorists and led to the loss of innocent life.

Right off the bat it should be pointed out that no lesser authority than Biden himself has made clear that presidents are responsible for events that occur while they are in office. Even the leftist violence this summer across the country committed by those who despise Trump was laid at Trump’s feet by then candidate Biden.

In the case of the 11 days of open hostility that just occurred Biden’s culpability could not be clearer. He created, quite quickly, exactly the conditions that Hamas needed to attack Israel and take the lives of innocent civilians. In myriad ways he changed the incentives in the region. He made it absolutely clear that for all intents and purposes Hamas could kill with impunity from his administration.

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