Ingraham: Biden And Democrat’s COVID Lies Are Unraveling, The ‘Vaccinated’ Got Scammed

The vaccine has never been about your health, it’s all about government control, not ‘science’

Credit: Fox News


In her “Ingraham Angle” monologue on Monday, host Laura Ingraham said that “lies that [have] bound” President Biden, the Democrats and the media “regime” together are finally unraveling, and the administration is being exposed as a group of power-hungry bureaucrats who proclaim to be the arbiters of science, while instead continuing to ignore science to further take control and violate the autonomy of the American people.

“It’s only January 10th, and the web of lies woven by American agents of disinformation is beginning to unravel for all to see now from the government’s response to the pandemic, to our military leadership’s failures and critical points in between,” she said.


“We see an elaborate effort to create an America fueled with fear, ignoring basic truths and accountability. Now it should be obvious now that Democrat elites use this COVID crisis as a way to increase government dependence and government control.”

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