Scary Situation: VP Kamala Harris’ Continues Making Unintelligible Comments, Shows Her Inability To Be President Even In Emergency Situation

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We must feel sorry for Vice President Kamala Harris. She’s in way over her head and is increasingly ridiculed for spewing great gouts of gibberish when she answers reporters.

Her favorable rating is in negative numbers.

But we must also feel absolute terror that her boss, President Biden, is 78 years old, shows increasing signs of dementia, and that Harris would, should he die or have to resign, take his place.

A sample of Harris’ recent media appearances suggests that Americans must pray, and pray hard, that Biden lasts his full term, then loses reelection to a Republican. If he defeats his next GOP opponent but Republicans take back Congress, they have no choice. They must impeach Biden and Harris to remove them from office so that the Speaker of the House assumes the presidency.

Bad as Biden is, having set the country on a dangerous, self-destructive course, Harris will be worse. Much worse.

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