Tucker Carlson: Scientists Want To Use Human Engineering To Solve Climate Change, Coronavirus Vaccines Are Their Answer!!

Google may have funded science that caused COVID, next they may experiment to make children smaller

FYI: The below article is an opinion piece filled with important FACTS about research into coronaviruses. Other articles and stories have come out that talk about these viruses being a bioweapon used for mass depopulation efforts. There was even a Netflix series last year that mimicked much of what is happening today.


A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal held an event called the “Tech Health Conference.” During the event, one reporter had a question for the head of Google’s “Health Division,” a man called David Feinberg.

Why, the reporter asked, was Google censoring searches for information about the possibility that COVID had escaped from a laboratory in China? Feinberg began by admitting the premise of the question. Yes, Google was in fact hiding information from its users, he effectively conceded. But it was for their own good. According to Feinberg, Google didn’t want to, “lead people down pathways that we would find to be not authoritative information.” Authoritative information. You’ve heard that phrase a lot in the last year, and phrases like it. “Authoritative information” is the opposite of “misinformation” — or worse, a “conspiracy theory.”

It’s really important. All you’re allowed to see is authoritative information. So it’s worth knowing in this and many other cases, what is it? And where exactly did Google get its so-called “authoritative information.” In this case, it came from a group led by a noted man of science called Peter Daszak.

If the name sounds familiar, Peter Daszak is the person who almost single-handedly stopped virtually all public speculation about the lab leak early in the pandemic. Daszak did this in one swoop by organizing a letter to The Lancet — one of the top scientific publications — stating as fact that there was no possibility the coronavirus could have come from the lab in Wuhan. No chance. Many people believed him and they stopped looking. It was in The Lancet, after all. Almost no one asked why Peter Daszak might be saying this.

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