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Actor John Leguizamo Pushing False Information On ‘Critical Race Theory’

Actor says ‘critical race theory is my whole reason for being’ but hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about

Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Image


Actor John Leguizamo has gone loco for critical race theory, declaring that CRT “is my whole reason for being” in a series of Instagram videos. He also falsely claimed schools aren’t teaching CRT to children when there is abundant evidence of schools indoctrinating young students in the far-left ideology.

John Leguizamo recently posted a series of videos in which he attempted to explain what critical race theory is and why concerned parents need to “calm the fuck down.”

In one video, which he captioned “Critical race theory is my whole reason for being,” the Hollywood star tried to downplay CRT as just a “bunch of legal scholarship and legal think-y talk.”

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