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Climate Hypocrite: Singer Taylor Swift’s Private Jet Tops Nation On Highest Carbon Emissions List, Refuses To Take Responsibility

Swift uses the lame-brain excuse that she loans out her private jet which still goes against her ‘climate friendly’ stance

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(Gateway Pundit) Trump-hating singer and songwriter Taylor Swift issued a response to criticism when it was revealed that her jet had the worst carbon dioxide emissions of any private jet on the list.

In a recent report that was published by Yard, a digital marketing agency, they compiled a list of the celebrities whose private jets are the worst offenders in terms of the amount of carbon dioxide emissions they produce.

“After Kylie Jenner posted this Instagram of her and beau, Travis Scott’s private jets captioned: “you wanna take mine or yours?” the internet went crazy and many people took to social media platforms to share their feelings on Kylie’s private jet fiasco,” Yard wrote in its website.

The agency decided to take a deep dive into celebrities’ flights.

Climate advocate Taylor Swift landed herself in the top spot, beating out competitors such as Jay-Z, Floyd Mayweather, and Oprah Winfrey. Her plane is said to have racked up a total of 170 flights since January, putting her ahead of the competition.


Below is the full breakdown of the top 10 celebrity CO2e offenders:



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