The Politics Of Abortion: Leftist Nutjob Chrissy Tiegen Now Claims Her Miscarriage A Few Years Ago Was Actually An Abortion

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(Not The Bee) In 2020, radical pro-abort Leftist Hollywood celebrity Chrissy Teigen announced that she and her husband John Legend lost their baby in a miscarriage.

While the couple grieved the loss of their child the celebrities also doubled down on their abortion stance. Tiegen believes the miscarriage is a tragic loss of life, whereas in abortion it is totally a woman’s choice and the baby doesn’t really matter.


After the overturn of Roe V. Wade and 2 years of “thoughtful” consideration, Tiegen now claims that the death of her child was not a miscarriage but an abortion.

For two years it was a tragedy, now it’s her right to choose.


Why is she suddenly calling this an abortion instead of miscarriage of a non-viable baby?

Well, it’s politics, of course.

The Left falsely argues that miscarriages and non-viable pregnancies can’t be treated because the “treatment” is abortion.


Umm, no, CNN. The life of the mother is not up for debate in ANY pro-life state. I don’t know of anywhere that has outlawed abortion when it save the mother’s life. It just isn’t a thing.

But, that’s what Teigen is claiming.

She is essentially using the loss of her unborn child as a political tool in order to push for limitless abortion.


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