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Video: Crowd Breaks Out In ‘Lets Go Brandon’ Chant At Morgan Wallen Concert In New York City

Given that the New York City area is very liberal, kinda tells you how unpopular Biden is

Morgan Wallen's crowd led a chant of ‘Let's Go, Brandon' at a recent show in New York City. (Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for CMA)


Morgan Wallen played to a packed crowd at New York City’s Madison Square Garden where the crowd routinely broke into anti-President Joe Biden chants.

Videos from the event taken by Fox News Digital show the crowd enjoying the show and engaging in some political mockery while the artist was between songs during his set. One video shows everyone gleefully chanting “Let’s Go Brandon,” a not-so-subtle code among President Biden’s critics that stands for “F— Joe Biden.”


During Wallen’s opening act at the show for his “The Dangerous Tour” was special guest HARDY, who took a moment during his set to discuss what was going on in the country, prompting the crowd to launch into a “USA” chant as well. However, chants of “Let’s Go Brandon” only took place during Wallen’s set.

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