Video: Judge Joe Brown Shocks By Defending Bill Cosby, Calls His Accusers ‘Groupies’

Credit: All HipHop


TV Judge gets raw about what he thinks about the women that accused Dr. Cosby of sexual assault and drugging.

In an interview with Marc Lamont Hill, Judge Joe Brown says what he really thinks about laws set up to protect women, how “groupies” don’t have rights because they give head in hallway “closets” and why Bill Cosby should not be held more accountable for drugging the women since they “wanted them.”

When talking about the Cosby release (off of a technicality) after being convicted and sentenced, Brown said, “This never should have gone to trial. It’s a travesty. It is a violation of due process in American law. That is part of his mess that the mainstream media is trying to feed into the heads of the citizenry and poison them by saying that emotions and their feelings are supposed to have paramountcy over what happens within the law. That’s not the way it goes.”

Judge Joe Brown went on …

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