Karma: Woke Disney Attempts To Appease The 1%, Sees Its Movie ‘Strange World’ Open To Lowest Box Office Rating Ever For Animated Film

The movie features the first openly gay teenager

( Former Disney CEO Bob Iger has returned to the helm of the flailing, woke company to replace the ousted Bob Chapek, who Iger accuses of “killing the soul of the company.” From criticism over the mishandling of the streaming service to astronomical price increases at the parks to cover the losses from COVID to a public fight with FL Governor Ron DeSantis, who was falsely accused of pushing a misrepresented “Don’t say Say” law that had nothing to do with not saying ‘gay,’ but instead, prevented young children up to grade four from being taught about their sexual identity in Florida’s public schools.

Now, the opening of Disney’s newest animated movie that features the first-ever openly gay teenager, “Strange World,” is possibly the worst flop in Disney’s history.

According to the Gateway Pundit, the movie opened to a disappointing $4.2 million on Wednesday and is expected to make less than $24 million in its first five days in theaters. For a movie with an estimated $180 million in production costs, those are worryingly low returns.


According to World of Reel, the film scored a B CinemaScore, the lowest score ever for a Disney animated production. Since “Beauty and the Beast,” every Disney animated movie has been met with A+, A, or A- grades.


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