Reality Dating Show ‘FBoy Island’ Has Women Guessing Who’s A Nice Guy — And Who’s There Just For ‘The Sex’

Credit: HBO Max


Nice guys finish last. Or do they?

Reality dating series “FBoy Island” (premiering Thursday, July 29 on HBO Max) sends three women to a lavish villa in the Cayman Islands where they’re joined by 24 men. The twist: twelve of them are “nice guys” who are there to find love, and 12 are self-proclaimed “FBoys” — a derogatory term, short for f–kboy, for men who just want to sleep around — there to manipulate the girls in order to win a cash prize if they make it to the end.

The ladies, of course, aren’t told who’s who. And it’s pretty hard to pick out the players: All the guys pretty much have ripped abs and suspiciously charming smiles.

Should you trust a self-proclaimed “accredited investor” with selfies all over his Instagram feed? Or a Wall Streeter who wears a blazer to the beach?

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