Top Gun Brings In Over $1 Billion At Box Office And The Left Isn’t Happy: Here’s Why

AP Photo/Lee Jin-man

(PJ Media) Top Gun: Maverick passed the $1 billion mark over the weekend, making the film the highest grossing movie of the year.

This marks Tom Cruise’s first movie to pass $1 billion, with Mission Impossible: Fallout coming in second at $791.1 million, according to Vanity Fair.

The impressive part is not just that the sequel earned its box office profits without being shown in Russia or China, but it still passed Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. Meanwhile, Disney continues its efforts at going woke by inserting a lesbian kiss into Lightyear.

Of course, doing so was not without its consequences. Disney and Pixar decided to enter into politics by inserting the sexual preferences of their animated characters into a children’s film. Actor Chris Evans defended the decision, going so far as to call those who disagreed “idiots,” according to Reuters.

Ironically enough, Evans also said, “There’s always going to be people who are afraid and unaware and trying to hold on to what was before, but those people die off like dinosaurs,” according to People.

The irony? Lightyear couldn’t beat the dinosaurs at the box office.

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