Unboxing And First Impressions Of The New Apple Watch Ultra


(9to5Mac) Apple Watch Ultra is here and I’ve just unboxed mine. Follow along for my first impressions of the 49mm titanium wearable from Apple that features an all-new design, larger screen, and much more. I’ll dig into what it feels like size-wise compared to the 45mm Apple Watch, weight, buttons, the Alpine Loop, and more.

For reference, I have a smaller wrist that measures about 6.5 inchesaround and I’m coming from the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Ultra first impressions:


  • It’s noticeably larger and blockier than the 45/44mm Apple Watch and I love it 😁
    • With that comes a really solid feel
    • I enjoy it most with a band that connects directly to the Ultra vs a strap/band with lugs (Solo Loop vs Alpine Loop)
  • The flat screen edge adds to the large feel but that also offers a wonderful display experience – it really draws you in visually
  • It’s impressively light!
  • The side button is very clicky – much clickier than my Series 7 or any other previous Apple Watch
  • Digital Crown is nicely protected but also takes a bit to get used to
  • The new Action button is really handy, such a great add!

Alpine Loop

  • Softer on the inside than I expected
  • Titanium hardware is super light and naturally matches the Ultra perfectly
  • Lots of loops make sure you get a precise fit
  • Love the bright orange color
  • Exterior lugs make it a bulkier fit – especially for those with smaller wrists
  • Careful of the metal clasp as it can scratch things when you rest your wrist on your laptop, etc.

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