Rumble Partners With Locals To Offer Subscriptions In Effort To Challenge YouTube, Patreon

Creators on Rumble can use an integrated Locals button to setup paid communities

Credit: Reclaim The Net


Attempts are underway, helped by major figures in the independent political reporting and commentary space, to create partnerships and collaboration among alternative and fast growing platforms, considering that those are expected to become their natural home going forward.

In this way, political commentator and talk show host Dave Rubin announced that Locals has become the official subscription provider for creators on Rumble.

In a video, Rubin explained that these creators will now have an easy way to set up communities on Locals.

“The goal – I am telling you right now – we are coming for you, Big Tech. The goal is, Rumble will replace YouTube. The goal is, Locals will replace Patreon,” he said.

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