2022 iPhone SE? Yes, And Here’s Everything You Need To Know



At $399, the 2020 iPhone SE became Apple’s best smartphone offering from a price perspective, beating out several flagships in pure performance comparisons. Unfortunately, there were some missing features that the company is expected to address next year in the form of the 2022 iPhone SE while keeping some areas unchanged. The direct successor is reported to come with multiple upgrades, at least on the inside, while keeping that competitive pricing intact. Here is everything you need to know.

2022 iPhone SE Design

Unfortunately, those expecting Apple to introduce a design change to the 2022 iPhone SE will be sorely disappointed. It has been reported that the same iPhone 8 chassis used for the 2020 version will be utilized to mass produce its successor.

In terms of keeping the costs low, it is an effective strategy, not just for Apple, but for its customers to have an opportunity to enter the ecosystem without spending a great deal of money. Then again, some of those customers would have been greatly enticed in seeing a new design for a low-cost iPhone, but on multiple occasions, including this one, sacrifices are required.

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