Here Are Seven Android 12 Features Apple Should Incorporate In iOS 15

Hopefully some of these features will appear at WWDC21

Credit: Michael Simon/IDG


With WWDC just around the corner, we’re all eagerly awaiting the new tweaks, features, and settings that Apple is planning for iOS 15. But before the big day arrives, we’ve been checking out the preview release of Android 12 and have come across a few features we’d like to see Apple bring over to the iPhone. Here are seven Android 12 features that we’d love to see in iOS 15.

Notification history

Notifications can be a nuisance, but sometimes we absentmindedly dismiss an alert that we actually need. Once that happens on our iPhone, we’re out of luck. But Android 12 lets you see your recently deleted notifications and we’d love to get that same functionality in iOS.

To be fair, Google actually introduced notification history with Android 11, but its user-accessibility improved in Android 12. You previously had to dive into settings to find the toggle to display your older notifications; Google now has a button right at the bottom of the shade. Tap it and you’ll jump right to the page where you can see everything that was deleted within the past 24 hours.

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