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Did You Know Your iPhone Has A Hidden Feature That Allows You To Track Flight Data Without An App? Here’s How It Works

Learn how to track flights on iPhone using the Messages app

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Do you know how to track flights on iPhone? And I don’t mean by using Safari or Chrome to do it within a browser, nor do I mean via a bespoke app. I mean: do you know how to access a live flight tracker built right into the very phone itself?

I wouldn’t blame you if you said no. One of the reasons why the iPhone is one of the best phones around is that it’s packed full of features hidden deep within its firmware, and this one is no exception. It’s tucked away pretty good.

Built into the Messages app is a live flight tracker, which can give you live locations, flight details and both take off and landing times for any flight in real time. All you need is the flight number.

In my opinion, this is one of the coolest iPhone features yet (which is saying a lot, given I deal with so many hidden iPhone features as part of my job). I even ran around showing this to people when I learnt it, despite knowing nobody that was taking a plane at the time. Come vacation season, it’ll certainly come in helpful for keeping up to date on family flying into the UK, where I live.

Here’s how to access the iPhone’s built-in flight tracker.

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