Thousands More Flights Canceled As Travel Mayhem Continues Over 4th Of July Holiday Weekend

Many of the cancellation were in and out of China, Canada and Europe as airlines are dealing with staff shortages

New York Post

(New York Post) Flight cancellations and delays continued across the nation on Sunday during an already chaotic July Fourth weekend for travelers.

At least 267 flights into, out of or within the US had been cancelled as of 3:16 p.m. EST, and nearly 2,300 were delayed, air travel tracking site reported.


The bulk of the cancellations and delays were in or out of China, Canada and Europe, according to the site.

London Heathrow and Frankfurt saw a combined 494 flight delays, while two notorious airports — Toronto’s Pearson and Amsterdam’s Schiphol — combined for 484 delays and 72 cancellations, FlightAware reported.

American Airlines on Wednesday told employees it would pause all ticket sales for flights out of Schiphol, according to The Points Guy travel website.

Tickets are no longer available for American flights out of Amsterdam between July 7 and July 31; tickets that have already purchased will be honored.

The situation at Toronto’s Pearson is so bad that one traveler was recently reported to be waiting for his luggage there — 16 days after his arrival.


Holiday weekend flights have continued to be delayed or canceled across the country on Sunday.
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There have reportedly been 267 flights into, out of or within the US canceled so far on July 3, 2022.
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