Internet Takes Shots At Mark Zuckerberg After He Posts Video Of Himself ‘Trying To Show’ He’s Patriotic

Credit: Facebook / Mark Zuckerberg


Americans finally found a source of unity, with left and right alike cringing after Mark Zuckerberg posted an Independence Day video of himself holding a US flag while gliding above the water to the tune of a John Denver song.

The one-minute video, which was posted Sunday on the Facebook CEO’s Instagram account, shows Zuckerberg riding a wake foil – also known as a hydrofoil surfboard – on what appears to be a lake. He was holding an American flag, which was attached to a short pole, and Denver’s 1971 hit ‘Take me Home, Country Roads’ was playing in the background. Zuckerberg added a comment, saying only “Happy July 4th.”

The bizarre scene was quickly met with astonished reactions as social media users collectively cringed. “We need a ‘erase your memory of this’ option,” a writer known as the Hoarse Whisperer said on Twitter, adding, “I wish they could bring John Denver back to life just so he could sue Mark Zuckerberg for this.”

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