Video: Another Conspiracy Theory? Amazon TV Series ‘Utopia’ Promoted Vaccines That Hid A Sterilization Bio-Weapon


Alex Jones breaks down the significance of the 2020 Amazon series ‘Utiopia.’ (see below)

The series, filmed well prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, is about a scientist who creates a fake flu-like pandemic and then pushes a “cure” which is actually a sterilizing bioweapon hidden in a vaccine. The similarities are eerie.

FYI: Alex Jones is controversial figure to say the least. He’s been banned from just about every social media platform for putting forth what many believe are ‘conspiracy theories.’

Then again, anyone who puts forth information that Big Tech believes to be a untruthful (info that doesn’t fit their narrative), is also immediately censored and often banned, so having that on your record should be taken with a grain of salt.

Jones now uses to upload his video content. He is supported through donations and the selling of vitamins (the last 3 min. of video is an advertisement)

Others have also come out and stated they believe the vaccine could cause sterility in women. One of them happens to be the former chief scientific officer at Pfizer Global.

The below video could certainly be another conspiracy theory, but given the correlation to Covid-19 and the timing of its release, it’s not something that can be easily dismissed.

Keep in mind that Big Tech has banned all social media posts about the Coronavirus origin and it being created and leaked from China’s Wuhan Lab. They label it a conspiracy theory.

However, just in the last week, new evidence has emerged that points to China’s Wuhan Lab as the point of origin of Coronavirus, proving that ‘conspiracy’ theory as true.

Watch below:

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