Video: Five Times August Releases New Biden Song About Afghanistan Catastrophe

“Hey Joe, where you going? Why you moving so slow? They’ll prop you up for the TV screen, but forget your job. What flavor ice cream is that?”


Five Times August, who has released a number of songs slamming both the Biden administration and current woke society over the last few months, released a new song on Sept. 10, this time taking aim at the recent botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and President Joe Biden’s moments of forgetfulness.

The song, titled simply “Joe,” talks about the 13 US service members killed in a suicide bombing in Kabul last month, as well the countless times Biden has been caught being forgetful and turning his back on questioning reporters.

The moments are in juxtaposition with a statement similar to the one Vice President Kamala Harris told Biden when the results of the election were in: “Hey Joe, we did it.” Imagery of the Taliban are interspersed with images and clips of Biden looking lost, as well as images of all 13 killed in Kabul.

Some of the song’s lyrics are as follows:

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