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Video: Kamala Harris Channeling Biden’s Rambling ‘Say Nothing’ Messaging, Repeats Same Phrase 4 Times In 30 Seconds

The U.S. is being led by two people who have no idea what they’re saying or doing


Kamala Harris has made a second career of making a fool of herself with repetitive, meandering statements in recent months, but last week, she might have just have topped them all.

At a Friday summit of the Association of Southeast Nations at the State Department in Washington, the vice president repeated the phrase “work together” so many times in the space of 30 seconds that it made observers suspect that something wasn’t working upstairs.

It wasn’t the first time Harris has been an embarrassment, but it might have been the worst.

Check out the video here:

Did you get the impression that Harris thinks it’s important to work together? Repeating the same formulation four times in less than half a minute indicates how important she thinks it is. Or how little her brain is actually connected to her lips.

It’s a moment on a par with “the passage of time,” Harris made famous during an appearance in Louisiana in March.

It dwarfs her “folks order what they want” comment from the end of February.

And it makes her ruminations on space from mid-April in California — the legendary, “Space, it affects us all – and it connects us all”  — sound like William Jennings Bryan’s “cross of gold.”

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