Video: Watch As YouTuber Hilariously Pranks Denton, Texas City Council Board Meeting, One Of Many He’s Done

Alex Stein introduced himself as ‘Marty Epstein’ before presenting himself as a trans Biden supporter

YouTube/Cassady Campbell


Alex Stein is an interesting comedian/political commentator. He hosts a YouTube Livestream that appears to include many videos of him trolling random city council board meetings across the country. When he isn’t doing it online, he’s showing up in person to rap, sing, cry, or troll during his three minutes of public comment time. As a person who has been to more boring board meetings than my fair share, this has to be one of my favorite pranks. It really livens up the snore-fest that is official government business.

He recently trolled the Shoreline, Wash. City Council meeting dressed in an army uniform with Kyiv in the background on a green screen (like Zelenskyy) and implored the mayor to join the Azov forces and fight for Ukraine. “There is no border more important than the border between Russia and Ukraine,” he screamed to a room full of people trying not to laugh.

But my favorite so far is his live performance in Denton, Texas. “Marty Epstein” stepped up to the mic wearing a Biden teeshirt and a beanie and let it rip. (You really need to watch it, so don’t miss the video at the bottom after the transcript.)

“In 2015 Bernie Sanders woke me up,” he said. “My openly gay 6-year-old transgender nephew wanted something different than most kids for his birthday. He wanted the COVID-19 vaccine for the greater good of humanity because unlike the racist Republicans he wanted to protect our democracy and take on his social responsibility to do his part for the greater good,” he said. “He’s now gone from this world. He recently had a heart attack. But the doctors say they don’t know what caused it,” he continued. “But I know what caused it. It was the stress from the Donald Trump supporters and the science deniers, RACIST BIGOTED HOMOPHOBES,” he screamed at an earsplitting decibel.

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