FYI Privacy Policy

(Updated December 7, 2020)

When visiting (“FYI(s)”, “we”,”our” or “us”) and viewing our available videos and content, we want you to understand how and why we collect information, how we process, use and share that information, regardless of whether you are a Viewer, Visitor, User or Partner (as defined under FYI’s Terms of Use)

When using our services, you are trusting us with your information and in turn, we promise to work hard to earn that trust by doing our best to protect whatever information is collected.  You will always have the option of not providing us certain information, however it may limit your ability to take advantage in its entirety of the many products, services and features that we offer.

If you do not consent to to the collection and use of information about you under the terms of this Privacy Policy, then you MUST not access or use FYI’s website and services.

What We Collect

We collect information you provide to us directly when you use FYI’s services or any of our applications.  This enables us to provide a better service to all our users.   This includes account information that is used to set up and create an account (user name and password) along with email addresses that we use to send updates on our services, account preferences and settings..

Additionally, FYI collects information on the following:

Submitted Content – We collect information on content submitted by you on our website.  This includes posts and comments to articles and videos and any type of message submitted within our website, including any drafts, private messages to other users, and any communication between us and you including phone numbers for contact.   Additional content may include but is not limited to text, articles, videos, links, audio files (.wav, mp3 etc…) and image files (gifs, jpegs, .png etc…)

Your Browsing Actions – We collect information on what pages you visit within FYI, articles you read, videos you watch, and any interaction with the content on FYI like voting, liking, hiding and reporting.  We also collect information on the terms you search, the information you share and any interaction with other users such as messaging, subscribing, friending, and blocking.

Mobile Device Identification and Software Development Kits (SDK’s ) –  We may use and work with third parties, including our business partners and service providers, who use mobile SDK’s to collect and share precise location information and advertising identifiers (e.g “ad-ID” or “IDFA’s”) which helps us understand how mobile devices interact with FYI., including the presence of connected devices via bluetooth.   You can withdraw your consent to having your location data collected by changing the settings on your device (note that certain services may lose functionality as a result).

Transactions – If you purchase products and services either on FYI or through FYI, we will collect certain information from you including your name, address, email address, and information about the product or service you are purchasing.   However, since we are not a payment processor, payments will be transacted through a third party (e.g. PayPal) so please refer to the applicable processor’s terms, conditions, and privacy policy for information about how and what payment information they collect and store.

Information We Collect Automatically

We log and collect information when you access FYI’s website and services.   This information includes IP addresses, browser type and settings, device type (e.g computers, phones, tablets) and settings, operating system, mobile network information including carrier name and phone number and the date, time and referral URL of your request.   We also collect information on your activity such as information about the videos you watch, the frequency and duration of your video interaction, page views, advertising data and any crash reports related to your viewing.

When logging into or registering on FYI from third parties (e.g. Facebook), we may collect your user ID or user name associated with that third party account as well as any other information you make public using that service.  This personal data we receive will depend on the policies and your account settings with the applicable third party service provider.  We use this data to help optimize our services and to improve the user experience.

Cookie Technologies

We may receive information from cookies, which are pieces of data your

browser stores and sends back to us when making requests.  Cookies allow us to recognize your browser or device and “remember” your browser during subsequent visits for purposes of functionality, preferences and website performance, thereby improving your experience and the overall quality of our service.   Some of the types of cookies used include:

Essential Cookies Essential cookies are used to provide features and services that you have requested. For example, certain cookies allow you to log into secure areas of our website. Disabling these cookies may make certain features and services unavailable.

Functionality Cookies – We use functional cookies to record your preferences and settings within our services, to maintain your preferences over time, and to help recognize you when you return or log back in to our services. These cookies help us to personalize our content for you, greet you by profile name and remember the preferences you’ve set.

Performance/Analytical Cookies – Performance/analytical cookies allow us to understand the interaction of visitors using our website and services.  They collect information such as the number of visitors to our website, what pages visitors view on our website, and how long visitors are viewing pages on our website.  These performance/analytical cookies also help us measure other analytics, including the performance of our advertising campaigns and the engagement between our visitors and our advertisers.

Advertising Cookies – Advertising cookies are used to collect data about your online activity and identify your interests so that we can provide advertising that we believe is relevant to you.

Cookie Options – Most browsers today automatically accept cookies but have options for blocking or deleting cookies, which will prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, as well as allow you to decide on acceptance of each new cookie in a variety of ways. These options can usually be accessed through the “settings” menu in your browser.

For information on how you can disable cookies, please see “Choices/Opting Out” below.  Please note that if you block or delete cookies, some areas of our services may not work properly.

For more detailed information about cookies, including understanding how to set and manage them, please visit or

How and Why We Use Information About You

FYI collects information in order to provide the ultimate experience to our users.  This gives us the ability to personalize content, to analyze the performance of that content and to customize that content so that each visitor can have a unique, engaging experience.  Overall, data collection helps us to maintain and continually improve our services.

In addition to above, we use collected information/data for the following:

Safety and Security –  Information collected is used to improve the safety and security of our users.   We use this for customer service to verify accounts and activity, which also helps in detecting, preventing and responding to fraud, abuse (spammers), security risks and other issues that could harm our users.

Communication – Information collected is used to communicate with you about new content, products, services, promotions and events along with other information that we think will be relevant and of interest to you.

Ad Measurement – We use the information collected to serve ads based on things we think are of interest to you.   We also measure ad performance against the data collected to improve our targeting efforts.

Payment – If you have partnered with FYI, we use the billing information you’ve provided so that we can process payments to you.

For information on how to opt out of these communications, see “Choices/Opting Out” below.

 How We Share Collected Information

We want to be transparent in how we share information collected about you and whom we may share that information with.   Below are some of those we share information with:

Business Partners – Like any company, we have business partners that we work with to help implement and improve our products and services.   These include content partners, advertising partners, marketing partners, technology partners, programmers, payment processors and others.   If and when we share information with them, it will always be in an anonymized form so that you are not personally identifiable.

Social Networks –  We offer social media sharing links that allow you to share video’s and other content with third party social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)  Use of these links allows you to share certain information with your family, friends and anyone else in the public domain, dependent upon your settings with that particular social network.   We remind you that we are independent from these third party social networks and that any privacy settings you might have set with FYI are not applicable with them.  Likewise, any privacy settings set with them are not applicable with us.   For additional information on the collection and sharing of data with third party social networks, please visit and read the privacy policies for those social media networks for which you are using.

FYI Website – When you submit content (such as a message or comment post)  on our website,  any visitors to and users of our services will be able to see that content, including the username associated with the content, and the date and time you originally submitted the content. FYI also allows other websites to embed FYI content via our embed tools. We also allow third parties to access public FYI content via an API and other similar technologies, all of which can be seen by anyone searching such content.  Private messages on the other hand will only be able to be seen by the recipients of your messages, including your username and date and time stamp.  Information on your public profile will also be available to see, including but not limited to information about your activities on FYI, such as your username and prior posts and comments,

Third Parties/Necessity – In some circumstance, we may be compelled to share personal information about you without any prior notification or giving you the opportunity to consent.  This may be done to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or government request including but not limited to any national security or law enforcement action.   To the extent allowed by law, we will do our best to provide you with prior notice before disclosing any personal information in response to such requests.

Protection/Safety – We may also disclose your personal information to third parties when we believe, in good faith and in our sole discretion, that such disclosure is necessary to protect the legal rights of FYI, our business partners, stockholders and employees, to enforce or apply our Terms of Use including investigation of potential violations and for risk management to protect against fraud, security or technical issues.  In an emergency situation, we may need to disclose personal information to prevent imminent and serious bodily harm to a person.

***Please note that even when deleting your account, your posts, comments and messages you’ve submitted through FYI may still be viewable or available on our website and servers. For more information, see “Choices/Opting Out” below.

Advertising, Ad Networks and Analytics Partners

 Because we want our advertising to be relevant and of interest to you, we may partner with third party advertisers, ad networks, and analytics providers to better understand how you use our services.   In that effort, we may share collected data from or about you in encrypted, aggregated, or anonymized form in order to measure and enhance the effectiveness of our ads.  Ad networks themselves generally collect information from your computer such as unique identifiers, your IP address or other information about your computer device when clicking on an ad.  They also may use cookies and related technologies to collect information when those ads are delivered.   FYI itself uses analytics partners like Google to help analyze visitor traffic on our website so to help us better understand our own business model.

Data Security

FYI takes seriously the importance of protecting any and all data collected on our website.   In doing so, we employ the use of physical, technical and administrative measures to limit the risk of data being lost, damaged or misused while safeguarding it against loss, theft, alteration and unauthorized access.   Despite these best efforts, there is always the possibility that a breach in data transmission or storage could occur and while we want you to feel confident that your personal information is safe, we nor anyone else can offer a 100% guarantee that this will never happen.

Data Retention

Data is stored electronically and is kept as long as it is necessary for the purpose(s) it was originally collected.  Some information will be retained for a period of time as required by law.

Child Restrictions/Parental Control

Children under the age of 13 in the U.S. are not allowed to register and create an account without verifiable consent from their parent or legal guardian.  Additionally, if you are under the age of 16 in the EEA  (European Economic Area), you must have have the same parental consent.  Other countries outside the U.S. and EEA must conform to their own laws which determines the age of a minor.  If you are a parent or guardian and you have found your child to have registered an account with FYI without your approval, please contact our support team at

Choices/Opting Out

It goes without saying that no one is under a statutory or contractual obligation to provide personal data and as an FYI user, you have choices about how to protect and limit the collection, use, and disclosure of information about you. Certain data is collected automatically (see “cookie technologies” above) while on the other hand certain data is asked for when registering and creating an account.   If you decide to limit the data asked for during the registration process, we may be unable to provide you with certain features of our service.  Once registered, you will always be entitled to access, change, correct and/or delete any data you have provided us. This includes the following:

Promotional Communications – You may opt out of receiving promotional communications from us by following the “unsubscribe” instructions in those communications or by updating your email and subscriber preferences within your account settings.  Please note that you cannot opt out of non-promotional communications, such as administrative messages, service announcements, messages about your account and the use of your account which are necessary for updates about FYI’s services.  With regard to mobile push notifications, with your consent, we may send promotional and non-promotional notifications or alerts to your mobile device.  You can deactivate these messages by changing the notification settings on your mobile device.

Deleting Your Account –  You may delete your account at any time via the settings on your FYI account page. When you delete your account, your profile will no longer be visible to other users.  Please note that after deletion of your account, you will no longer be able to sign into our website or access any of your personal information, though you are free to open a new account at any time.  All posts, comments and messages you submitted prior to deleting your account will still be visible and retained for legitimate business purposes only.   With regard to information that has already been provided to third parties as described in this Privacy Policy, retention of that information will be subject to those third parties via their privacy policies.


 If you are located in the EU (European Union), you have additional rights under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) with respect to your personal data.  Therefore, we will only collect and process personal data about you where we have a legal basis for doing so.  Our legal basis depends on the services you use and how you use them. This means that we will only collect and process personal data when:

  • You have consented to the collection and process of information for a specific purpose such as registering and creating an account and subscribing for email updates/communications.
  • It is necessary for a legitimate business interest (which is not overridden by your individual privacy interests), such as preventing fraud, improving our website, customer support, marketing and advertising our services, enforcing our rules and policies, protecting our legal rights and interests, research and development, and increasing the security of the website and network infrastructure;
  • Is necessary to comply with a legal obligation

The above applies to individuals both inside the European Union (“EU”) and outside of the EU and, applies to data about anyone in the EU, regardless of whether you are a citizen or permanent resident of an EU country.

Any consent you provide will be entirely voluntary and may be withdrawn at any time (see “Choices/Opting Out” above)   Where we rely on our legitimate business interests to process your personal data, you may have the right to object.  If you have any questions about or need additional information concerning the legal basis for which we collect and use your personal data, please contact us at

Sale of the Business

FYI reserves the right to transfer information (including your Personal Information) to a third party in the event of a sale, merger or transfer of all or substantially all of the assets of our company, or in the unlikely event of a bankruptcy, liquidation or receivership of our business, provided that the third party agrees to adhere to the terms of this Policy.   Opting out of receiving information from third parties will not affect our right to transfer your information in any of the above situations, but your choices will continue to be respected with regard to the use of your information.  Notifications regarding any of the above are outlined in “Changes to our Privacy Policy” below.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

From time to time, we may revise this Privacy Policy to reflect changes both in the law and/or our service or for any other reason at our discretion. We will always prominently display the date of any such change at the top of this Privacy Policy.  Therefore, it is important that you check the effective date posted at the top of the Privacy Policy each time you visit FYI or use any of our services, ensuring that you are familiar with the latest updates to our policies and procedures.  If we do make such change, we will notify you either by posting a notice on our website or sending you a personal notification with any email address we have on file.  Accordingly, please keep your account information, including email address, updated in case of such change.  By continuing to use our services after Privacy Policy changes go into effect, you agree to be bound by the revisions.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at or by writing to us at:

FYI Networks Inc.

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