Interesting Conversation: MIT Dean Not Interested In Seeing Data On COVID Vaccine Dangers, Even If It Were To Cause Great Harm Or Worse, Kill The Entire MIT Student Body

Steve Kirsch, an MIT graduate himself, couldn’t convince MIT Science Dean Nergis Mavalvala to look at the data

Steve Kirsch (left), MIT Dean of Science Nergis Mavalvala (right) taken April 15, 2022 at MIT breakfast in Palo Alto


The Dean of Science at MIT believes open discussion to resolve differences of scientific opinion should be encouraged. That’s the good news.

However, when I asked her whether she would publicly call for such a discussion for the vaccines, her answer was “No.” That’s the bad news.

I also asked her if I could show her data that would change her mind. Her answer was, “No.”

This is an important issue; it is an issue that affects the health of every MIT student, staff, and faculty member. She knows that there are two legitimate sides of this issue because she knows that at least one MIT faculty member agrees with me that the COVID vaccines are dangerous. Yet open discussion on this is forbidden at MIT. They simply are not interested in hearing from anyone with any credentials (such as my colleagues) who is able to challenge their policies.

Dean Mavalvala should be actively facilitating the resolution of this important issue by calling for an open discussion. Instead, she is stonewalling and hoping it will go away. She’s wrong. It won’t.

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