Nestlé Launching New Food Brand Designed For Those Who Take Ozempic And Wegovy Weight Loss Drugs

Vital Pursuit is the first major U.S. brand to be launched by the food giant in nearly three decades. The line’s frozen pizza, sandwiches and bowls will reach stores by October.

Signage is seen at a Nestlé facility June 19, 2006, in Franklin Park, Illinois. Tim Boyle via Getty Images

(Food Dive) Nestlé is launching its first major U.S. brand in nearly three decades as the food giant looks to meet the needs of consumers taking GLP-1 medications and other individuals focusing on weight management.

The Vital Pursuit frozen product line, which is expected to reach store shelves by October, will include bowls with whole grains or protein pasta, portion-aligned sandwich melts and pizzas with cauliflower crust. More products are expected in the future.

The single-serve meals are a response to changes in how consumers are going about losing weight —  most notably with an increased dependence on medications such as Ozempic or Wegovy to suppress their appetites and keep them feeling fuller longer. Vital Pursuit prioritizes convenience, taste, portion size and delivering much-needed nutrients.

Weight loss has evolved, and so we are making sure that we’re evolving at the same pace to complement where it is going,” Jennifer Barnes, vice president of brand marketing for Nestlé’s nutritional meals portfolio, said in an interview. “We want to make sure that we’re leading in this space.”

The Lean Cuisine and Hot Pockets maker, citing data from J.P. Morgan, estimated the market for people using GLP-1 medication for weight loss will surpass $100 billion, and 9 million Americans will be taking drugs to help in the effort by 2030. Barnes noted that roughly 80% of consumers are trying to manage their weight in some capacityand nearly half have tried to lose weight at some point during the course of a year.

She added that while the use of GLP-1 medication is expected to grow, which will help Vital Pursuit, the bigger opportunity for the brand is from those consumers who are trying to control their weight.

The ability of Vital Pursuit to grab even a small portion of these two groups could be a boon to Nestlé, which already rings up more than $33 billion in sales annually in the U.S., its largest market globally.

Barnes wouldn’t disclose revenue projections for Vital Pursuit but said Nestlé views the offering as one that will be “sustainable” and “relevant for decades” at the packaged food manufacturer. She said the company has had “very positive conversations” with retailers about carrying the product.

“We’re building it to be a future major contributor to our frozen meals portfolio,” Barnes said.

Nestle's new Vital Pursuit brand aimed at helping consumers lose or maintain their weight.
Courtesy of Nestlé

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