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South Carolina AG Gives Doctors Go-Ahead To Prescribe Ivermectin As COVID-19 Treatment



South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson joined a growing number of state officials affirming that doctors have broad authority to prescribe ivermectin and other “off-label” treatments for COVID-19.

In an opinion earlier this month, Wilson said that South Carolina law does not prohibit medical professionals from treating COVID with drugs, such as ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, that have been approved for other uses.

“It is clear that an attending physician possesses especially broad discretion to prescribe what he or she deems the appropriate medication in a given situation,” the Republican attorney general wrote. “Courts typically afford such judgments made by the treating physician to be controlling, and rule that neither the hospital nor a court should interfere.”

The Supreme Court of South Carolina has declared that only a licensed physician may determine what medication may be given to a patient, Wilson pointed out. He added that his office “fully support[s], the general law protecting the physician’s decision, particularly if informed consent is obtained.”


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