Child Grooming: EA Games Indoctrinating Children With Update To “Sims” Video Game – Features Include Teen Trans Characters With Chestbinders, Breast Removal Scars

EA Games joins other woke companies targeting children under the guise of ‘inclusivity’

(Rebel News) The recently released update to the life simulation video game “The Sims 4” has drawn the ire of many within the gaming community for its commitment to radical gender ideology.

The update for the game, which is aimed at children ages 12 and up, offers an array of customization options aimed at players seeking to appear transgender, including breast removal surgery scars and garments like chest binders and packing underwear.


The “Create a Sim” character creator now has a “Top Surgery Scar” subcategory, which can be added to male Sims characters aged Teen or older. Furthermore, chest binders can be found under the “Tanks” subcategory in the “Tops” section, while “tucking underwear” can be situated under “Bottoms” in the “underwear” subcategory.


These additions are not the first time the popular video game creators have opted for pro-transgender standards. Since 2016, players of both genders have been able to mix and match masculine and feminine traits, and back in 2022, an update allowed users to choose their Sims character’s sexual orientations and pronouns.

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